Startup Fund Hub

Startup Fund Hub

Non-dilutive funding for small businesses at your fingertips

Startup Fund Hub

Non-dilutive Funding Database for Small Businesses

Discover & research for grants and other opportunities for your business, all in one place.

Locate Funding

Locate private, corporate, government grants, pitch competitions, accelerators, and more.

Gain Access

Gain immediate access to thousands of active, pre-screened funding opportunities for small businesses.


Apply for opportunities for small businesses that can help sustain existing initiatives or make new plans a reality.


Over $50 Billion available in non-dilutive funding.


Over 15,000 funding opportunities for small businesses and growing


One minute is all it takes to sign up and see what we have to offer


Funding for Small Businesses

Startup Fund Hub is the only subscription-based service that provides access to funding for small businesses. Our databases do NOT include funding for nonprofits, research institutions, or other organizations. We only include funding for for-profit organizations (e.g., small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups).

Non-dilutive Funding

We include into our database funding opportunities that will NOT take a stake in your company. This means our list includes pitch & startup competitions, accelerators, government funding, grants, and so much more.

Validated Funding Opportunities

We have done the research for you. Opporunities listed in our databases are for small businesses. We only include funding for for-profit organizations (e.g., small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups). All you have to do is pick out which one fits your company best and apply

24/7 Access

Want to do your search a 3 am? Do it. Subscribing to our database will ensure you have everything you need 24/7. Even at 3 am.

Access to ALL available databases

A paid subscription provides access to all of our databases. COVID-19 Funding, Non-dilutive Funding, and Government Grants.

Research Efficiently & Quickly

We intended our database to be simple and easy to use. Sort, filter, and query to find what you need in a non-boolean way. If it is in there, you can find it.

Subscription Database Pricing

Choose Your Subscription


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COVID-19 Database

Access to COVID-19 Database

For small businesses that are focused on business recovery from COVID-19 shutdown and/or research efforts to track or treat COVID-19

No credit card required

Updated as new funding is available 



All Access Pass

Access to ALL Databases

Includes Government & Private Grants and Contracts, Pitch/Startup Competitions, Accelerators, Fellowships, and much more

Updated as new funding is available 

Billed Monthly

$588 Total Annual Cost


Other Services

The single source for all of your non-dilutive grant funding activities. From identification of relevant funding opportunities through the development of a long-term multi-submission approach to successful execution, and subsequent measuring of your outcomes from your award!

Self-Service Subscription Database

Gain immediate access to thousands of active, pre-screened grant opportunities, updated daily.
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Funding Menu

Feeling overwhelmed and don't have the time? Let us develop a highly curated twelve-month funding menu to fit your specific funding needs.
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Proposal Preparation

Need help writing or preparing a proposal? We can help with all aspects of preparation & development.
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Do you have questions about your funding, grant writing, & evaluation needs of your organization? We would love to talk to you.
Read More "Questions"
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